One of the best ways to restore and support the harmony between body and mind is through massage of the body and head, with warm Ayurvedic oil.

A Therapeutic Ayurvedic massage has many benefits and is used to:

  • alleviate or remedy a range of physical complaints
  • overcome symptoms of exhaustion, stress and fatigue
  • improve circulation, strengthen the nervous system, promote uptake of oxygen throughout the body
  • promote removal of toxins and regulate the digestive system
  • strengthen muscles, bones and blood vessels
  • enhance the immune system
  • strengthen the skin, increasing suppleness and purity
  • promote a good sleep

For the massage, warm herbalized sesame oil is used; the amount and temperature of the oil and the pressure applied are adapted to each individual.

Work schedule

-Monday: 9:00-17:00, Het Verblijf – Rosweg 54, Lennik
-Wednesday: 9:00-21:00, Het Verblijf – Rosweg 54, Lennik
-Thursday: 9:00-21:00, Rue du Noyer 282 – European quarter, Brussels