Ayurvedic Massage: Restoring Harmony between Body and Mind


Ayurvedic massage, an ancient healing practice from India, offers a profound way to restore and support the harmony between the body and mind.

This therapeutic massage involves the application of warm Ayurvedic oil on the body and head.

Through a combination of skilled massage techniques and the properties of the warm oil, Ayurvedic massage provides a plethora of benefits that promote overall well-being.


Alleviation of Physical Complaints:

Ayurvedic massage is renowned for its ability to alleviate and remedy a wide range of physical complaints. By applying warm herbalized sesame oil onto the body, the massage therapist employs various techniques to soothe muscle tension, stiffness, and soreness. The oil’s warmth penetrates deeply into the tissues, promoting relaxation and relief from physical discomfort.


Overcoming Exhaustion, Stress, and Fatigue:

In today’s fast-paced world, exhaustion, stress, and fatigue are common challenges that many individuals face. Ayurvedic massage provides a therapeutic escape from these conditions. As the warm oil is gently massaged onto the body and head, it calms the nervous system and induces deep relaxation, helping to overcome symptoms of stress and fatigue.


Improving Circulation and Strengthening the Nervous System:

The warm Ayurvedic oil used in the massage improves blood circulation throughout the body. This enhanced circulation ensures a better supply of nutrients and oxygen to various organs and tissues, promoting overall health. Additionally, the massage helps strengthen the nervous system, leading to improved neural function and mental clarity.


Promoting Removal of Toxins and Regulating the Digestive System:

Ayurvedic massage aids in stimulating the lymphatic system, facilitating the removal of toxins and waste materials from the body. This detoxification process supports a healthy internal environment. Moreover, the massage techniques help regulate the digestive system, promoting efficient digestion and absorption of nutrients.


Strengthening Muscles, Bones, and Blood Vessels:

Regular Ayurvedic massage with warm oil contributes to the strengthening of muscles, bones, and blood vessels. The nourishing properties of the herbalized sesame oil help improve muscle tone and flexibility, enhancing overall physical resilience.


Enhancing the Immune System:

A balanced and well-functioning immune system is crucial for optimal health. Ayurvedic massage, with its soothing and rejuvenating effects, enhances the immune system’s functioning. The warm herbalized oil, when absorbed through the skin, promotes the body’s ability to defend against infections and diseases.


Strengthening the Skin and Increasing Suppleness:

Kseerbala Taila, the oil I mostly use, is rich in nutrients that nourish the skin, improving its texture and appearance. Regular application of the oil enhances skin suppleness, making it feel soft and radiant.


Promoting a Good Sleep:

A restful sleep is essential for the body’s rejuvenation and healing. Ayurvedic massage, with its calming influence on the nervous system, can significantly improve sleep quality. The relaxation induced by the massage and warm oil helps individuals experience a more restful and refreshing sleep.



Massage -exercises – consult package

Recurring tension and pain in your back/neck/shoulders?

I am more and more convinced about the value of daily/regular self-treatment. I discovered myself how useful it is to do daily exercises, to treat my regularly recurring back pain myself, without feeling dependent on my osteopath.
And more and more I find myself obliged to give my clients exercises after giving them a massage, to give them tools to prolong the effect of the treatment, to convince them about the power of (additional) self-treatment.

Wouldn’t it be great to tackle your tension and physical pain on a more sustainable way?
What do you need for that? What would be a feasible plan?

We can make an individual package, based on your needs, based on these components:

Massage(s) and discovering together the needs of your body: where does your body store the muscular/fascial tension? Where lies the cause and what does it effect? What do you discover when your body is on the table and how easy is it to disconnect? How is your breathing during the massage?…
Learning exercises – myofascial stretch and release exercises, self-massage with your hands and with the help of a tennis or massage ball – with the possibility of having an online or virtual daily reminder/coaching/stimulation for your home work.
Consult/food advice – How is your digestion? How is your energy level? How is your sleep? What are your regular recurring symptoms? What can be a healthy and feasible food plan for you?

Feel free to contact me to work out an individual package!


Also 5- and 10-times cards and gift vouchers available.


Work schedule as of January 2023

Wednesday: 9:00-21:00
Friday: 9:00-16:30
Saturday: 9:00-13:00 (1 on 2)

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday on request!


To make an appointment:

-by phone: 0496/89.37.65

-by mail: info@katrienmaes.com

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Some reviews

I have been receiving massage therapy from Katrien Maes over the last years. 
Touch is so important for the nervous system. Combined with Katrien her ayurvedic knowledge & medical physiotherapy background, her treatments are nourishing on different levels: mental, physical, emotional & energetic. 
The warm nourishing oil combined with Katrien her magical hands brings me back into my body, into my self. So thank you Katrien for sharing your therapeutic knowledge. Not only through the body, but also with mental, wellbeing & food advice when needed. ” LDW 22/06/2021


“I met Katrien two years ago on a silent retreat and since then her massage therapy has helped me to understand the link between my mental state and my physical wellbeing. This has been especially valuable to me as I deepen my mindfulness and yoga practise.  Katrien offers more than simply a massage and within each session she takes the time to explore what is going on in your life before moving to the massage therapy – which always gives a special wellness boost. I am feeling the benefits as tension is released through my body, and I’m able to realise which aspects of my life were causing this stress in the first place. Katrien’s therapy room in Strombeek is the ideal location to relax, parking is always easy and the location itself is accessible. I whole heartedly recommend Katrien’s services.”  BG 25/06/2021


“I was following an ayurvedic treatment and I received massage from Katrien for one month. Every session made me feel better and better, the body learns receiving the touch and each time I returned home even more refreshed. It was good not only for the body, but it also had a direct impact on my mind and on my emotions. I felt nourished on many levels. Beyond her magical hands, she made me feel very comfortable. Her cabinets have a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Thank you, Katrien, for being part of my ayurvedic journey! I highly recommend her services.” BF 17/07/2021