During pregnancy a woman is often faced with pain in the back, shoulder, pelvis and legs and other areas; an Ayurvedic massage with warm oil can soothe these symptoms. A massage is also relaxing, giving your pregnant body the rest and attention it needs.

During pregnancy digestive problems can occur, sometimes only during the first months, sometimes throughout pregnancy.

During an individual consultation we explore:

  • how discomfort (nausea, vomiting, fluid retention, excessive weight gain, blood pressure problems etc) can be solved mainly by food/nutrition
  • what general things you can do to protect against toxoplasmosis and other infections as listeriosis
  • which foods to avoid/take according to your own constitution
  • which foods to avoid/take for the optimal development of a healthy baby

In 2009, in India, I witnessed several treatments that support the female body throughout the pregnancy cycle, encouraging a smooth delivery and promoting recovery after childbirth. I attended another pregnancy massage course given by Lies Ameeuw at her School of Ayurveda in Ghent, and while I was pregnant (2011), I could experience myself ‘being pregnant’.