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Proper digestion is an important key to health.

You can eat the most expensive, tastiest, ‘healthiest’ food, but if it’s not digested properly, you can’t have (the full) benefit of it.

Unbalanced, weak digestion is often caused by an imbalance, by eating and drinking too many ‘bad foods’ according to your constitution or needs, by suppressing emotions, not listening to the body,…

This can create an accumulation of toxins in the body (and mind), intolerances, stomach pain, acidity in the body, constipation, diarrhea,…

If the processes of digestion, absorption and defecation function optimally, we receive the nutrients we need and we remove the toxins we do not need.

In a consult/food advice I listen to your story – (history of) symptoms, worries, changes of your body. Based on that I give clear advice on which food to take and avoid (and why!), so we can optimize your daily meal plan to achieve proper digestion, energy and optimal balance.

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