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Chair massage is a shiatsu pressure-point massage technique, using a specially designed chair, on which massages of head, neck, back, arms and hands can be performed. It is a short treatment of approximately 20 minutes, on clothed clients.

The impact of the treatment:

  • the muscles (of neck, shoulders and back) are massaged, which relaxes them
  • blood flow is stimulated
  • the head massage is very relaxing and stress reducing
  • getting back in touch with your body / stepping out of your stressing life for a few minutes
  • a relaxing as well a invigorating and activating experience

Some companies already propose such treatments to their employees either on a one-off or a regular basis.


  • improving the well-being of your personnel
  • improving productivity and motivation
  • reducing absenteeism

This chair massage is not a medical treatment, but neither is it a one-size-fits-all offer: the massage is adapted to the specific needs of each individual.

Please contact us for a proposal.